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Shaka by Warren Duncan


Shaka is based on the life of the 19th-century Zulu king. It tells the story of his illegitimate birth, his rise to power under his mentor Dingiswayo's watchful eye, his clashes with the powerful ruler Zwide, and his eventual downfall. The story has been broken up into a 10 issue limited series comic with the first issue complete and ready for its Kickstarter launch in the coming months. Written by Warren Duncan, with interior art by Elijah Johnson, letters by Toben Racicot, main cover by Bella Rachlin and two variant covers by Christopher Ivy of Marvel and DC fame and Simone D'Armini.

comp Art by Elijah Johnson Letters by Toben Racicot

comp Bell Rachlin Cover

comp Christopher Ivy Cover

comp Simone DArmini cover

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