Pandeia by Paul Caggegi

Five centuries have passed since the moon was destroyed. Great cataclysms reshaped the Earth, and from the rubble, strange new civilisations have emerged, thriving under a strange new sky.

35361 times

Universe Gun and more by Dr Mike 2000

Mike Cooper is an Adelaide-based indie creator of psychedelic superhero science fiction.

7355 times

Rocksalt by Mark Withington

Welcome to Record Cove, a cozy little northern New South Wales coastal city. It is a typical and mostly unremarkable municipality in many ways. And that is one of the reasons it has been... chosen.

6374 times

Vengador by James Gilarte

After a traumatic experience, a young man's world is immediately turned upside down. How far would you go for justice? Meet Vengador...

5608 times

Machineland by Pauldo

An independent comic book produced by Pauldo and available on Bigcartel for sale.

5428 times

Hilt by Nick Smith

Nick Smith produced the Celtic epic comic book Hilt, sold at Supanova Expo's.

5111 times

From the Box Comics by Sarah Boxall

Sarah Boxall, also known as Boxie/Little-Miss-Boxie, is a 23 year old Illustrator, Designer and Comic Book publisher from Sydney Australia! As well as Founder of From the Box and From the Box Comics.

4588 times

Twelve Foot Ninja

The band collaborated with acclaimed comic artist Keith Draws (UK) to produce the comics, which are based on the original Twelve Foot Ninja fable co-written by guitarist Steve 'Stevic' Mackay.

4264 times

The Man In The Red Shirt by Simon Wright

Nothing is what it seems when the man in the red shirt wakes up to find out the truth of his reality.

3940 times

Killeroo by Darren Close

Under the publishing name of Ozone Studios, Darren Close has published Killeroo comics, OzComics magazines and worked on several other local publications ...

3761 times

Burger Force by Jackie Ryan

Burger Force is an Aurealis Award-winning comic book series about an undercover espionage agency that serves up fries and spies.

3604 times

Winter City by Patrick & Carl Purcell

Patrick Purcell (Co-writer & Producer), Carl Purcell (Co-writer), Pablo Verdugo Munoz (Pencils & Inks), David Aravena Riquelme (Colours).

Winter City chronicles the childhood and adolescent years of an abandoned, abused and lonely boy named Sam Winters.

3334 times

Ashcan Comics

Ashcan is a collaborative project designed to bring together comic artists and writers, giving them the opportunity to have their work published for free in a print medium.

3302 times

Drawn Out Dad by Maarten & Manuel Bouw

DrawnOutDad is an independent comic-book label based in Melbourne, Australia. All of our books are one-shot, individual stories.

3241 times

Trail, Exilium and more by Ben Slabak

Ben Slabak is a Sydney based writer and publisher. Having founded Cloud 9 Comix in 2010 with the initial focus on digital comics, he ultimately published several hundred titles from indie creators worldwide. and

3072 times

Falling Star by Cristian Roux

A comic book series produced by Australian-based artist Cristian Roux.

3065 times
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