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Published 04-09-2020 Category Indy Artists Read 373 times

Triggered and more by Khale McHurst Featured

I Do Not Have An Eating Disorder

Khale's first and longest graphic novel is called 'I Do Not Have An Eating Disorder'.

"I Do Not Have An Eating Disorder" is a comic memoir that chronicles the artist's journey with anorexia nervosa - from diagnosis to eventual recovery. Khale represents her inner voice as three demons constantly talking over her shoulder, willing her to make dangerous choices. Equal parts gut-wrenching and uplifting, this is ultimately a story of hope - proving that recovery is possible, even from the darkest depths of addiction.

Khale's other comic works:

Polyamory Isn't for Everyone

"Polyamory Isn't For Everyone" is Khale McHurst's second graphic novel, and tells the autobiographical story of an open queer relationship - with every ounce of drama and heartache that you would expect from such a situation.

Manic Pixie Dream Girl

"Manic Pixie Dream Girl" is a fun, single-issue comic that follows the artist's journey from falling in love with Manic Pixie Dream Girls to eventually becoming one.

No, She's Not My Sister

"No, She's Not My Sister" is a collection of short slice-of-life stories, published in installments, sharing the daily interactions of Khale McHurst and her wife.

About the author:

Khale McHurst is an autobiographical cartoonist living in Melbourne with her wife and fur family. Her works explore topics such as mental illness, recovery, queerness, relationships and religion. Her current ongoing webcomic is titled 'Triggered: A Story of PTSD, a Plebiscite and the Patriarchy'.

Khale's comics can be found at:

Khale McHurst