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From the Box Comics by Sarah Boxall

Sarah Boxall, also known as Boxie/Little-Miss-Boxie, is a 23 year old Illustrator, Designer and Comic Book publisher from Sydney Australia! As well as Founder of From the Box and From the Box Comics.

From The Box is an award winning Australian independent company and publishing house which has been established since 2011. FTB Comics has a large range of comic books published in print and online, available for purchase in selected stores and private order. Some of their popular comic titles published include series such as “Melodies of the Heart”, “Emotionally Intense” and “Mecha Necha”
FTB Comics has a readership of +27,000 world wide and over 4 million hits on online series.

From the Box strives to create content and an experience that connects with their readers, to relate and inspire. It strives to create content that is accessible to all via print and online platforms so their readers will never feel excluded.

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Comic series: "Melodies of the Heart"

melodies cover1


"Rhi Grey is your average teenager, he loves music with a passion, he goes to school, hangs out with friends and works a job at his sisters local cafe, but he has a dangerous secret he’s keeping from his friends and family, which is about to catch up to him very quickly. And When Lucy Turner, a young blonde writer and her family move back to the town of Chatsford, the two meet by chance, and an awkward start to a relationship begins. Though Love isn’t always as simple as it seems, as many of the teens of Chatsford are about to find out."

melodies of the heart song two by little miss boxie

MotH 166 WEB

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Comic series: "Mecha Necha"

cover 1


"Welcome to Necha Academy! The Academy for future Mecha Necha Pilots. Hanabi Emi is a new transfer student to Necha Academy, hoping for a fresh start and to study and train to become a full ranked Mecha Necha pilot! Though will things go as she hoped? With new faces and challenges, this won't be an easy start."


Comic series: "Emotionally Intense"

Emotionally Intense Overwhelming cover web


welcome to the emotionally intense and sometimes overwhelming world of a young adult! A comic diary of the awkward, funny and sometimes just plain bizarre events, moments and thoughts that seem to float through day to day life."

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