Lucifer's Universe by Mike Foxall

Lucifer's Universe is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Mike Foxall due for release in November 2015 along with it's soundtrack album of the same name by Sydney fuzz rocker occultists The Neptune Power Federation.

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The Man In The Red Shirt by Simon Wright

Nothing is what it seems when the man in the red shirt wakes up to find out the truth of his reality.

1239 times

Silver Fox Comics

Silver Fox Comics is the publisher of Zombie Cities and The Adventures of Rudy Cool. The Silver Foxes are Sorab Del Rio and Don Ticchio.

1195 times

100 Tips For Being Awesome And General Kick-Assery by Luke Humphris

A book by Luke Humphris that he has now also made available online.

1158 times

Grit by Gee Hale

Grit is produced by Sydney-based artist Gee Hale.

1156 times

The Adventures of Rudy Cool

From the creators of Zombie Cities, Sydney's Silver Fox Comics presents The Adventures of Rudy Cool - their very first all ages graphic novel!

851 times

Trail, Exilium and more by Ben Slabak

Ben Slabak is a Sydney based writer and publisher. Having founded Cloud 9 Comix in 2010 with the initial focus on digital comics, he ultimately published several hundred titles from indie creators worldwide. and

505 times

Universe Gun and more by Dr Mike 2000

Mike Cooper is an Adelaide-based indie creator of psychedelic superhero science fiction.

496 times

The 4Horsefemmes and Plan B by Stuart Black

Stuart Black. The busiest lazy person you'll ever meet.

187 times

Midnight Runners comics by John Hanna

John Hanna has been drawing comics for about 7 years, with close to 1000 pages of self-published comics to date.

177 times

She Is Fierce by Mark Jasper

"She Is Fierce" is Mark's first comic book. It’s the story of Juno Winter, a girl coming to grips with mysterious, newly discovered, super powers.

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