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Published 10-01-2019 Category Indy Artists Read 809 times

The 4Horsefemmes and Plan B by Stuart Black

Stuart Black.
The busiest lazy person you'll ever meet.

Fueled by Guinness and bad decisions, Stuart Black started drawing comics in 1996 when he should've been learning valuable skills in class that would have bettered him as a human being later in life. It wasn't until 2013 when he quit procastinating and finally got a comic to print.

5 years and 17 books later, the busiest lazy person you've ever met shows no sign of stopping, either publishing kick arse comics or being a ridiculous douche.

The 4Horsefemmes

Born out of a love affair of classic 90's X-Men, The 4Horsefemmes follow the adventures of Lacey, Mussk, Talena and Rasta as they combat the forces of evil, ranging from diabolical vampire mercenaries to invading armies from Mars.

Based in Melbourne and flanked by a support cast of colourful characters, the 4Horsefemmes pays tribute to a day when comics were fun, silly, and not taking themselves too seriously. Sometimes an all ages romp, then sometimes parental guidence may be necessary.

Plan B

The spin-off, based on a quartet of idiots somehow still alive to call themselves heroes.

Ninja, Primevil, Melt, and The Bulk (also The Devastator, The Enforcer, and Mike Litoris for a two week period before someone finally noticed) are The 4Horsemen, a wetwork enforcement squad who casually defy impossible odds much to the chagrin of their enemies, and the bosses at Supreme Justice.